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Originally Released 03/27/10

Special guest DJ ADUB joins Matt, Kyle, and Dexter to talk about PUNK ROCK.

This is the last episode of Everything is Wonderful ever posted, even though it was labeled as “Part One.”

*sigh* Life, you know?

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Originally Released 11/18/09

Just Matt and Kyle this week as we talk about Disheveled Businessmen, hippie rooms. Bill Clinton. and other stuff!

Also, an interview with Matt DiStefano, AKA Team Goldie about his music and growing up as a musician in PA. ( OR

Also, for some reason, Kyle talks to a "pro-bono celebrity" named Hal Halfman.

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Originally Released 11/1/09

I know this show is weird, but this episode is REALLY weird. It's our Halloween episode and we do it... in “audio costumes”. So... enjoy!

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Originally Released 10/17/09

The whole gang is together for Top Fives! Matt interviews Professor Kris Markman from the University of Memphis about her research into independant podcasting. Then we talk TV for a bit. And Alvaro unleashes a surprise on us!

Stick around after the show for 3 BONUS SONGS by MC Blackwolf (AKA Alvaro) from his new album The Blackwolf Tapes.

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Originally Released 09/17/09

We talk comics with new guest co-host Melon until the sudden return of DEXTER CONNER who returns from a trip THROUGH TIME!A new segment from our crack team of (ineffective) interns! Also, surprise guest from the Two Mustaches podcast! Plus, the final MOMENT WITH MARK(?)

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Originally Released 08/28/09

Dexter is not here, but Matt Goshey (remember? From last episode?) sits in!

We talk about duct tape, the logistics of living a video game, introduce a new segment called "Things That Are Better in Concept," fail at a new segment called "Things That Are Better in Concept," have a unique Moment with Mark, and talk more S'mores!

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Originally Released 07/25/09

Past guest and good friend Alex Pearlman sits in on this one! We interview The Keen One about her career and her new album "Getaway.” Christina Lengyel stops by to talk about her new book, Happening Through with Kyle and guest interviewer Matt Goshey! Listener emails! Another Moment with Mark where he talks about his poetry podcast ( Plus, “MORE!”

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Originally Released 07/08/09

We (nervously and amateurly) interview Jesse Thorn of! Also, Top Fives! S'mores! Moment with Mark! More!

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Originally Released 06/28/09

An interview with one of our favorite podcasters, Tom Katers, of Tom VS JLA/The Flash ( and Around Comics ( )! Plus, Movie quote guy, "Fist Full of Sushi," MoCCA, Moment with Mark, and more!

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Originally Released 06/22/09

We tone back the crazy and just... you know... talk. Largely about birds. Also, Mutt Jones and Zeus's Magical Dream-Hole and Moment with Mark!

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Originally Released 06/16/09

MC Blackwolf (Alvaro) releases a new album, KEEP LISTENING, and Matt talks to him about it!

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Originally Released 06/11/09

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Originally Released 06/01/09

Co-creator and editor of Found Magazine, Davy Rothbart joins us to talk about his magazine and lets us record LIVE from his Denim & Diamonds tour event at Wolfgang Books in Phoenixville, PA!

Then, we return home for: TOP FIVES! Listener emails! And a ROAD TRIP across the country to the Floor is Lava red carpet premiere in Hollywood! I love this episode, and I think it's one where we really start to explore how crazy and varied we wanted to get with the podcast. A must-listen!

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Originally Released 05/23/09

Guests Galore w/ Rapper and confirmed good dude, Mike Voss ( PLUS Comic book artist and fascinating lady, Sally Bloodbath (

Freestyles from Alvaro, Voss, and KYLE? Comics by the Cover! Moment with Mark!

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Originally Released 05/13/09

An extra-long episode. Alvaro interviews Bio/Transgenic artist Eduardo Kac ( which sparks us all to navel-gaze endlessly about the questions: "What is Art?" and "What is the PURPOSE of art?" Moment with Mark returns! Glowing Bunnies, a secret love painting, and the death of comedy! Enjoy!

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Originally Released 05/03/09

We return to CUTE, CREEPY, or CORNY and flip the genders! A lady panel asks our roundtable of dudes just what is Cute, Creepy, or Corny in dating and relationships. Also, we talk about TV, including our Top 3 favorite cartoons!

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Originally Released 04/28/2009

THE END OF MUPPET MARCH (at least we finished it before April was over.)

Episode includes: Top Fives! Listener emails! On-location coverage of Kyle's Muppet Manifesto at the UN(^TM)! Muppet March wrap-up! This is a really fun and crazy episode, guys. I hope it holds up!

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Originally Released 04/15/09

The gang is back together as our third episode in MUPPET MARCH is barely about the Muppets. Talking points: Hawaii. WFMU. Kimya Dawson. Schoolwork. Muppets Take Manhattan VS Watchmen. Comics by the Cover, That's Newstastic! Moment with Mark.

Featuring special musical guest LAUREN ADAMS!

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Originally Released 04/08/09

Two episodes into Muppet March (most of which didn't take place in March) and we were ALREADY exhausted. But we MARCH ON! Because that's what our Muppet forefathers would want.

It's a night fraught with mystery as we discover secrets about Alvaro's tub. Matt cries and calls 911. We meet the mysterious and mystical “GIRL KYLE.” And of course, we talk about Muppets. A lot.

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Once upon a time, we did this thing called "Muppet March." It was only mostly about Muppets and a lot of it didn't take place in March. But it started here! With full vigor and excitement! It's not easy being green, or so we've heard...

This episode is Matt and Alvaro solo. Talkin Muppets. And Matt explains to you all his "Unified Muppet Theory." Ever wonder why the Muppets don't seem to recognize each other in the Muppet Movie when we know they grew up together in Muppet Babies? Ever wonder why so many of the Muppets seem to be parent-less? ASK NO FURTHER! Answers await!

We also review The Muppet Movie and talk about what Muppet would most suitably play which celebrity in a movie.

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You wanted it? Or you didn't want it? Well you're gonna get it! From here on out, full episodes. Straight from the past like podmummies, wrapped in ancient audio electronic audio coding.

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An interview with the incomparable John Crodian aka Failed Attempts at Facial Hair from Episode 7 of Everything is Wonderful! Be prepared for the past to impress you!

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Another ancient EiW interview dug up from the depths of "Epidode 3 - Cricket"! Feast your archeological ears on this brilliant musical appearance by Cricket Joe, who can be found at!

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This intereview originally ran on our 4th episode "A Chicken, TV, and Anthony." Here it is again, perfectly preserved in digital amber for all you hungry listeners who may want to extract it's DNA and create with it a monster park. Find Dianthus of Maria at

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A full episode for this Best of! I liked this one.

Original description:

"LIVE PARTY SHOW!!! We threw a party and did a podcast in the middle. In this episode, we debut new segments as well as do AUDIENCE TOP FIVES and Audience Q & A's. Also... Oh yeah, and WE FINALLY FIND THE CAPTAIN OF TACO SALAD! We hope you enjoy what we feel is probably our most fun episode we've done thus far.

Email us!

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The Second "Best Of" episode of the Everything is Wonderful podcast! This episode contains re-editted versions of the best material from episodes 5-8! Featuring some new bonus commentary from Matt and Kyle!

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The Best Of the Everything is Wonderful podcast! This episode contains the best segments in their entirety from episodes 1-4 featuring some interstitial commentary by Matt, Kyle, and Alvaro!

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